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Developing Academic Excellence in Young Minds

At Plano Day School, we are here to provide more than just care – we are dedicated to offering an educational experience that enriches and stimulates the creative minds of our young learners.

Our Advantage

The Plano Day School Academic Advantage

Plano Day School is committed to laying the groundwork for a lifetime of educational success. We are dedicated in providing a nurturing environment where each child's initial steps into the world of learning are purposeful, meaningful, and filled with the promise of a bright academic future.

Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio

Personalized guidance in a focused environment for your child's unique needs.

Spacious School Facilities

Tailored classrooms and multiple playgrounds for all developmental needs.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is built by our educators to ensure academic success.

About Us

First Steps to Academic Learning

Excellence in care and education has been our commitment since 1997. As a trusted institution licensed by the state of Texas, our mission is clear: to provide a high-quality foundation for children's development. From the earliest age of 18 months through the crucial kindergarten years, we have been dedicated to shaping young minds and preparing them for a lifetime of success.

Our Programs

Nurturing Growth and Success Across All Programs

18-36 months

Early Preschool

Designed for children aged 18 months and older, this program focuses on early development of motor, emotional and social skill development.

3+ years


Designed for children turning three by September 1st of the school year, this program fosters independence, social skills, and early academic foundations.

4+ years


Designed for children aged four by September 1st of the school year, this program focuses on foundations and fostering a love for learning.

5 years


Building upon Pre-K foundations, this program offers strong academic rigor for transitioning Pre-K students or for parents seeking an advanced program.

All ages

After School

Our After School program offers homework support from Kindergarten to 5th grade. We also include engaging reading and math activities that solidify classroom concepts. Students have the exciting opportunity to explore a diverse array of on-site extracurricular activities, ranging from Taekwondo and art classes to Lego, soccer, dance, and complimentary introductory Chinese lessons.

All ages


The Summer Enrichment Program is meticulously tailored to guide students in further developing the skills acquired in the previous school year.

Playtime Spaces

Our Haven Where Children Delight in Playtime

We offer a diverse array of activities, encompassing Physical Education classes, Taekwondo, basketball, soccer, pickleball, and dodgeball. Our facilities provide ample space for students to participate in unstructured play, promoting the development of friendships and active lifestyles.

Beyond regular school hours, our gym is available for rental, serving as an optimal venue for your upcoming events. Whether you're organizing a birthday party, dance performance, community gathering, or a special celebration, our versatile gym space is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Parent Testimonials

Read What Families Have to Say About Us

Learn about the many personal experiences that families have created over the years at Plano Day School. Contact us if you would like to share your own story!

"We are so grateful to have found Plano Day School many years ago.  All four of our sons have attended Plano Day School over the last 12 years.  We love everything about it from the tenured teachers to the well-planned curriculum, the extracurricular activities they bring onsite, and the summer programs.  We would not send our sons anywhere else.  They care about all the children who attend the school and help prepare them for success in elementary school and beyond."

Ta Family


"David and I want to express our gratitude and recognition for the excellent early education experience PDS has provided to our family. I’ve personally had a long history with the school, and under your collective leadership, I’ve seen continuous improvement in the school’s family engagement and overall management.  The school’s resilience and prudence through the pandemic has further strengthened PDS’s reputation in our community. We look forward to the many years to follow as our children grow with the PDS community."

Twu Family


Admissions Process

Enrolling into Plano Day School

Our doors are open year-round to welcome new families into our community. Applications are accepted throughout the year, contingent upon classroom availability.

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a tour to explore our classrooms, play areas, and specialized facilities. Our administrative team will answer all of your questions.

Submit Admissions

Secure your child's spot by completing and submitting the registration form along with the required fees.

Complete Enrollment

Upon admission, families receive an enrollment packet containing all necessary documents that must be completed and submitted to the front office before your child's first day of attendance.

Welcome to Plano Day School!

We understand the importance of providing an enriching environment for your child's early education. We're excited for your first day!