General Info

Preschool Program

Our Preschool program, designed for children turning three by September 1st of the current school year, places a strong emphasis on fostering independence, social skills, and early academic foundations.

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To ensure a focused and comfortable learning environment, all Preschool students must be fully potty trained.

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Preschool Day to Day

Daily Schedule Information

A carefully crafted daily schedule balances structured activities, free play, and rest, ensuring a harmonious blend of education and play in a supportive setting.

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Laying a Strong Foundation for Future Academic Success

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Letters, phonics, and handwriting

Each week, we focus on a letter of the week, introducing uppercase and lowercase letters, along with their corresponding sounds. Our teachers integrate new vocabulary that aligns with the beginning letter of each week. Students practice handwriting skills, beginning with mastering their first names.

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Numbers, counting, and critical thinking

Through our math curriculum, students develop number recognition, counting skills, patterns, number identification up to 20, and one-to-one correspondence. Critical thinking topics such as cause and effect, memory, observation skills, and comparison are introduced, fostering early cognitive development.

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Thematic learning

Throughout the year, we explore different themes to introduce children to various science and social studies topics. This sparks  curiosity and lays the groundwork for future academic exploration.

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Emotional and social intelligence

Our Preschool program places a strong emphasis on emotional and social intelligence, guiding children in forming meaningful connections with their peers and building essential social skills.


Going Beyond the Plano Day School Classroom

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Music Class

Engaging music sessions expose children to the joy of rhythm, melody, and creative expression. Our music classes enhance auditory perception and promote a love for music from an early age.

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Library Time

Library sessions encourage a love for reading by providing access to a variety of age-appropriate books. Our dedicated library time nurtures early literacy skills, fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning.

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Physical Education

Designed to instill teamwork and cooperation, our P.E. curriculum fosters a sense of community and collective achievement. As children leap, skip, and explore, they cultivate not just physical abilities but also a love for an active lifestyle and enduring healthy habits.

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Chinese Class

Introducing language skills at an early stage, our Chinese classes offer exposure to a different linguistic and cultural experience. Through interactive lessons, children develop an appreciation for diversity and language exploration.

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