General Info

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-Kindergarten program, designed for children aged four by September 1st of the current school year, is a pivotal step in preparing students for the academic challenges of kindergarten. At this stage, we focus on fostering a love for learning while laying a solid foundation for future educational endeavors.

Two young students playing and drawing underneath a white table.
Pre-Kindergarten Day to Day

Daily Schedule Information

Experience a more structured daily schedule that introduces longer periods of focused learning, preparing children for the routines of formal education. This includes in-depth explorations of literacy, numeracy, and social studies.

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Laying a Strong Foundation for Future Academic Success

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Phonics, word families and sentences

Witness the magic of literacy as your child blends letter sounds to form words using our phonics-based approach. From introducing CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) word families to crafting and decoding simple sentences, our Pre-Kindergarten builds the foundation for a love of reading and writing, progressing seamlessly to little books.

A student completing arithmetic homework with a color pencil.

Numbers, arithmetic, and measurements

Elevate your child's mathematical journey with a curriculum covering number identification up to 100, addition, subtraction, time, money, fractions, and measurements. Engage in critical thinking topics like cause and effect, comparison, word problems, and pattern recognition, fostering a confident and creative approach to mathematics.

A young, proud student holding up her completed handwriting assignment.

Individual and group activities

Catering to diverse learning styles, our program integrates individual and group activities for math, reading, and writing. Hands-on Pre-Kindergarten 1 learning games and manipulatives add a dynamic layer to the educational experience, ensuring an engaging and effective learning environment.

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Emotional and social intelligence

Our Pre-Kindergarten cultivates character and personal development. Traits like perseverance, integrity, compassion, and determination are interwoven into the fabric of daily learning. Your child gains invaluable life skills, including leadership, organization, focus, and responsibility.


Stimulating Creativity and Curiosity Beyond Classrooms

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Music Class

Engaging music sessions expose children to the joy of rhythm, melody, and creative expression. Our music classes enhance auditory perception and promote a love for music from an early age.

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Library Time

Library sessions encourage a love for reading by providing access to a variety of age-appropriate books. Our dedicated library time nurtures early literacy skills, fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning.

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Physical Education

Designed to instill teamwork and cooperation, our P.E. curriculum fosters a sense of community and collective achievement. As children leap, skip, and explore, they cultivate not just physical abilities but also a love for an active lifestyle and enduring healthy habits.

English and Chinese text characters inside a circle and star drawn with a color pencil.

Chinese Class

Introducing language skills at an early stage, our Chinese classes offer exposure to a different linguistic and cultural experience. Through interactive lessons, children develop an appreciation for diversity and language exploration.

A teacher and student learning about numbers.