27 Years of Excellence

Fostering the Leaders and Scholars of Tomorrow

Excellence in care and education has been our commitment since 1997. As a trusted institution licensed by the state of Texas, our mission is clear: to provide a high-quality foundation for children's development.

Our Values

Strengthening Foundations for Academic Success

We are committed to laying the groundwork for a lifetime of educational success. We are dedicated in providing a nurturing environment where each child's initial steps into the world of learning are purposeful, meaningful, and filled with the promise of a bright academic future.

A young child playing with blocks on a table.

Excellence in Education

Our academic programs emphasize cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and character-building skills to ensure a full, comprehensive foundation for each child.

Students listening to a teacher in a classroom.

Expertise and Experience

The backbone of our success lies in the hands of our directors, teachers, and staff who are all highly trained and experienced in both education and childcare.

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Parent-Teacher Partnership

We view education as a partnership between teachers and parents. We strive to maintain trust, open communication, and shared goals to ensure your child's success.

Our Academic Advantage

Providing More than just Childcare

We are dedicated to offering an educational experience that enriches and stimulates the creative minds of our young learners. We develop and encourage independent thinkers and leaders by fostering academic, social, and emotional growth, promoting independence, creativity, curiosity, and resilience.

Three women teachers taking notes while attending a meeting.
Our Story

First Steps to Academic Learning

In 1997, Ms. Chen and Ms. Tsai initiated an exceptional venture, founding an academic early childhood school focused on holistic childhood development and academic learning. Beginning modestly in their garage, their unwavering dedication, resilience, and passion propelled them to establish one of Plano's largest and most influential day schools. These trailblazing women not only built a school but also a lasting legacy, inspiring future generations with their innovative approach and transformative impact on education.

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Foundational Learning

Every step your child takes within the halls of Plano Day School is a deliberate move toward academic excellence. We understand the importance of these early steps in shaping the educational journey that follows.

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Building for Success

Like a well-constructed building, academic success is built on a solid foundation. We believe that the initial steps taken by your child at our school are the essential building blocks that pave the way for future achievements.

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Inspiring Confidence

A strong educational foundation is the cornerstone of confidence. We strive to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed not only for success in school but also for success in life. Plano Day School is where children gain the confidence to embrace challenges, explore their passions, and navigate the journey ahead.

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